C-J editorial: Crusade is a “Louisville institution”

C-J editorial: Crusade is a “Louisville institution”


In the Wednesday, June 3 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal, an editorial says “…the Crusade (is) not only a worthy charity, but also a distinctive Louisville tradition.” Read the entire article below.


The Crusade’s call

June 3, 2009

In the years since 1954, when WHAS first broadcast the Crusade for Children telethon, the annual charity event has become a kind of institution here in Louisville, and a great source of local pride. In those 55 years, the Crusade has raised over $128 million, bringing help to ill and disabled children in all 120 Kentucky counties and 50 counties in Southern Indiana.

The Crusade, which WHAS describes as “a 30-plus-hour love-a-thon,” owes much of its visibility and success to the firefighters who stand in the middle of the street, asking you to drop some change into their boots or buckets. The ubiquitous presence of these firefighters in intersections throughout the city, as well as the lively television broadcast with local personalities and musical acts, makes the Crusade not only a worthy charity, but also a distinctive Louisville tradition.

This year, in the midst of a recession, the prospects for any charity event may seem dimmer. But the needs of children now are just as great as, if not greater than, before. As you drive around Louisville this Saturday and Sunday, we hope you will remember the children of our community and drop your spare change into a firefighter’s container or deliver a generous donation to one of the numerous collection stations.

Let’s make sure that the Crusade for Children remains the success that it has been for more than half a century, and that Louisville’s commitment to its youngest and neediest does not waver even during difficult times.


Donate now

You can donate right now securely online right now, just click here.
Remember 100% of your donation will go directly to help children with special needs.

The Crusade needs your help now more than ever!

Pennies and dimes do make a difference. Last year, the Crusade collected $45,000 in pennies. In these tough economic times, the less fortunate need your help now more than ever! This is the year to dig deep. Drop your dollars, fives, tens and twenties into firefighter boots at road blocks for the 56th Annual WHAS Crusade for Children June 6 – 7.

Firefighters are out in full force across Kentucky and Indiana. Help change a child’s life, support the WHAS Crusade for Children…now more than ever!


Confederate Railroad kicks it off

Confederate Railroad will headline the 56th Annual WHAS Crusade for Children on Saturday, June 6 – kicking off the 30-plus-hour Internet/radio/telethon with a free concert at the Kentucky Center’s Bomhard Theater at 8:00pm.

Crusade Network in full force

In your car, on the couch or half-way around the world, you won’t miss a minute of the 56th annual Crusade.

As the Crusade for Children’s flagship television station for 56 years, WHAS11 will carry the entire broadcast. Portions will also air on a Kentucky statewide network:

WBKI-TV (CW), Louisville
WBKO-TV (ABC), Bowling Green
WQWQ-TV (CW), Paducah & Murray

As the Crusade for Children’s flagship radio station for 56 years, 84WHAS will carry the entire broadcast.

These Commonwealth Broadcasting radio stations will air the Crusade variety show Saturday, June 6 from 8:00 to 11:00pm (EDT):

WTCO, Campbellsville
WLBN, Lebanon
WBRT, Bardstown
WIEL, Elizabethtown
WHHT, Glasgow-Bowling Green
WTTL, Madisonville
WPKY, Princeton

Internet – Worldwide:
WHAS11.com will provide LIVE video streaming of the entire broadcast. WHASCrusade.org will show updated information as well as allow you to donate online.


Read more about the big weekend

There’s so much more to the Crusade annual weekend, read more about it by clicking here.

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