In a down economy, Crusade tops last year!

In a down economy, Crusade tops last year!

All the talk about a down economy didn’t stop people across Kentuckiana from digging deeper for the 2009 Crusade!

Grand total: $5,289,841!

Nearly 200 fire departments, hundreds of organizations and thousands of people made it happen.

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When it was all said and sung, the people of Kentuckiana donated $5,289,841 to the 56th annual WHAS Crusade for Children to help children with special needs – topping 2008 by more than $40,000!

The 31-hour Internet/radio/telethon kicked off with firefighters reporting donations, a touching evening led by The Miracle Dancers, Confederate Railroad and a cast of thousands on Saturday and ended with Crusade volunteers crowding into WHAS-TV studio H singing the traditonal “God Bless America” after 10:00pm Sunday.close2close3

100% of $133 million

In its 56 years, the Crusade has raised more than $133 million for children with special needs. 100 percent of all donations raised Crusade weekend are returned to the communities where children’s needs are met.

PRP and Archdiocese lead the way

More than 50 percent of donations are collected by about 200 fire departments in Kentucky and Indiana. Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department led the charge with $269,462. PRP was the fire department that started it all in1956 when Chief Ernie Bohler clenched $400 in his fist in a crowded Memorial Auditorium and challenged all fire departments to get involved.

The Archdiocese of Louisville led all non-fire department donors with $215,500.

Top 5 fire departments

Pleasure Ridge Park $269,462
Fern Creek $231,580
McMahan $154,755
Highview $140,178
Zoneton $101,252

Top 5 civic donors

Archdiocese of Louisville $215,500
Jefferson County Public School $174,036
EON-US/LG&E $167,501
Kroger $153,249
Norton Healthcare $139,167

See who gave what!

Click here to view a complete list of all groups that made donations to the Crusade.

Not too late to donate!

Click here to make a donation to the WHAS Crusade for Children securely online.

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