Oil change at NAPA = $$ for the Crusade

Oil change at NAPA = $$ for the Crusade

Oil changes can change a child’s life!

An oil can with antlers is one of those things that makes you say: “What the heck?” It’s the coveted trophy in the latest WHAS Crusade for Children fundraiser.

For the month of May, nine NAPA AutoCare Centers will be giving the Crusade ten percent of the proceeds from all oil changes. It’s a fundraiser that will raise several thousand dollars.

Kwik and Gweazy hopes to repeat as champs

The NAPA shop performing the most oil changes during May will be presented the antlers-on-oil-can trophy to proudly display in their place of business. Kwik and Gweazy won last year.

“We were trying to think of a way to give back to the community in a positive fashion. And I’ve always been partial to the Crusade for Children. So I thought what a great way for all of us to come together for a community project,” said Becky Tennill, a NAPA AutoCare Center owner. Becky challenges all other auto repair shops in the Louisville area to do the same.

Find a NAPA AutoCare Center near you

The participating NAPA AutoCare centers are vying for the oil can with antlers trophy. Go to www.myNAPAAutocare.com for details or call Becky at (502) 363-2327.

Find the participating NAPA AutoCare location near you:

Atwood Automotive
Certified Transmission
Kavanaugh’s Complete Auto Care
Kwik & Gweazy
Neutz Brothers
Probilt Automotive
Shields Service
Shuffitt’s Automotive
Wheatley Truck Service

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