2012 Crusade total $5,189,348.69

2012 Crusade total $5,189,348.69

Click here to view 338 photos on Facebook from Crusade Saturday night.

The 59th annual WHAS Crusade for Children came to a close Sunday, June 3 at 7:00pm EDT with the singing of “God Bless America” in WHAS11 Studio H. At the conclusion of the marathon 30+ hour internet/radio/telethon, the final tote board read $5,189,348.69. With that amount, the Crusade’s 59 year total is now more than $148 million in donations to support children with special needs across Kentucky and Indiana.

PRP and Archdiocese lead the way

Once again this year, Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District led all fire departments and the Archdiocese of Louisville topped the list of all organizations.

Top Five Kentucky Fire Departments

Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $314,132.27
Fern Creek Fire Department $226,580.94
McMahan Fire Protection District $105,932.92
Highview Fire Department $104,218.07
Zoneton Fire Protection District $86,420.78

Top Five Indiana Fire Departments

Lafayette Twp. Vol. Fire Dept. $73,032.00
Charlestown Vol. Fire Dept. $45,401.62
Jeffersonville Fire Dept. $36,627.02
Clarksville Fire Dept. $32,012.09
Greenville Fire Dept. $30,661.01

Top Five Organizations

Archdiocese of Louisville $240,000.00
LG&E/Kentucky Utilities $178,790.00
Louisville Triple Crown of Running $171,862.00
Jefferson County Schools $161,907.36
Norton Healthcare $138,722.41

Alphabetized list

Here’s an Alphabetized list of groups that appeared on the 59th annual WHAS Crusade for Children.

American Legion Shawnee Post 193 $2,766.75
Amvets Post 1 $1,665.85
Amvets Post 61 $3,400.00
Anchorage Fire/EMS $9,310.60
Anderson County Fire Dept $7,261.73
Andrew and Brendan $2,710.14
Anneta Fire Dept $5,775.51
Anneta Fire Dept $5,775.51
Archdiocese of Louisville $240,515

Baby Calendar Participants,cover winner – Emmalee Hettinger
Bagdad Fire Dept $12,171.64
Ballardsville Fire and Rescue $13,145.92
Bardstown FD $32,672.47
Bedford Fire Dept $9,112.64
Best Buy $1,000.00
Black Friday $1,000.00
Blim, Clare & Kathleen $2,321.40
Blue the Clown $25.00
Bonnieville Quilt Raffle Winner: Rachel Pence
Bonnieville Vol. Fire Dept. $9,000.00
Boone Township VFD $3,052.95
Borden/Wood Township FD $4,282.53
Boy Scouts 262 $6,006.82
Bradfordsville FD $5,574.32
Breeding Fire Department $1,103.30
Buechel Fire Protection District $52,000.00
Byerly Ford $900.00

Camp Taylor Fire Dept. $40,613.00
Campbellsburg Fire Dept $10,004.01
Campellsville FD $29,250.74
Caneyville Fire Dept $4,356.00
Capital Court $285.45
Carrolton Fire Dept $4,800.00
Central Hardin Fire Dept $21,500.34
Charlestown VFD $45,401.62
Clark Memorial Hospital Band $1,290.00
Clarkson Fire & Rescue $3,989.39
Clarksville Fire Department $32,012.09
Cloverport Area Fire Dept $1,025.63
Columbia Adair County Fire Dept. $34,642.53
Cross Country Distributing $51,282.00
Crusade Ambassadors $4,505.10

Dark Side of the Wall $1,360.00
Deputy Vol. Fire Dept. $4,264.50
Diane Moore Dance Academy $11,700.00

East 60 Fire Dept $13,296.54
East Grayson County Fire Dept $4,670.70
Eastwood FD $24,335.88
Ekron Volunteer Fire Department $8,290.00
Elizabeth VFD $18,139.58
Elizabethtown Fire Dept $19,918.09
Eminence Fire Dept $32,000.10

Fairdale Fire Department $26,177.39
Fern Creek Fire Dept. $226,580.94
Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club $1,500.00
Flaherty Vol. Fire Dept. $19,326.22

GE Appliance Park $48,737.00
Georgetown Township VFD $25,120.00
Glenndale Fire Dept $7,105.16
Greater Clark County Schools $25,248.00
Greensburg – Green Co. Fire & Rescue $18,578.01
Greenville Fire Department $30,661.01
GSI Commerce $3,469.12

Hanover Township VFD $5,400.85
Hardensburg Fire Dept $5,203.12
Harned Fire & Rescue $20,013.13
Harrison Twp/Corydon VFD $13,686.65
Harrods Creek Fire Dept. $20,053.08
Heth Township VFD $4,327.55
Highview Fire Department $104,218.07
Hodgenville FD $12,522.80
Hwang’s Martial Arts $1,000.00

Individuals Car Club $1,100.00

Jefferson County Clerk’s Office $22,500.00
Jefferson County Public Schools $161,907.36
Jefferson County Sheriff Dept. – Tommy Duffy $710.63
Jeffersontown Fire Protection District $30,534.84
Jeffersonville FD $36,627.02
Jennings Township Vol. Fire Dept $5,212.00
Joe Huber Family Farm & Restaurant $1,583.00

Kelly Knoop $5,067.00
Kentuckiana Square Dancers Association / Belles and Beaus Dancers $5,644.15
Kiwanis Club of LaGrange $1,000.00
Knifley Area VFD $1,401.09
Korrect Optical $3,100.00
Kroger $72,486.00
KY 86 Fire Dept $14,432.74

Lafayette Twp Vol Fire Dept $73,032.00
LaGrange Fire Dept $30,004.28
Lake Dreamland VFD $32,256.82
Lake Jerico Fire Dept $7,077.60
Lanesville VFD $13,344.97
Lebanon FD $21,852.50
Lebanon Junction FD $4,712.98
Leitchfield Fire Dept $13,349.18
LG&E/KU $178,790.00
Loretto FD $3,027.37
Louisville Fire & Rescue $40,475
Louisville Kids Fair $2,688.00
Louisville Metro Employees Charitable Campaign $34,000.00
Louisville Street Rods $1,948.00
Louisville Triple Crown of Running $171,862.00
Lyndon FD $29,931.37

Marengo-Liberty Twp VFD $10,100.00
McAlister’s Deli $31,205.58
McDaniel’s Fire & Rescue $5,409.62
McMahan / Earth First Raffle Giveaway Winner: Gary Dowell
McMahan Fire Protection District $105,932.00
Meade County Fire and Rescue $13,092.68
Middletown Fire Department $58,000.00
Milltown Fire Department $11,397.22
Milltown Milling Co. replica Winner: Robbie Sloan
Milton Volunteer Fire Department $1,034.86
Money Room Members $555.00
Monroe Township VFD $23,290.27
Mt. Eden Fire Dept $9,653.61
Mt. Washington Fire Dept. $41,293.84
Muldraugh Fire Dept. $4,818.49

New Albany K of C $5,062.36
New Castle Fire Dept $10,235.00
New Chapel Volunteer Fire Dept. $5,837.33
New Haven FD $7,239.00
New Hope FD $4,364.64
New Middletown VFD $7,303.62
New Washington Vol. Fire Dept. $19,096.32
Nichols VFD $17,100.00
North Oldham Fire Dept $23,794.86
Northeast Nelson Fire Protection $15,040.00
Norton Healthcare/Kosair Children’s Hospital $138,722.41

Okolona Fire Dept $59,020.13
Owen County Fire Dept $1,976.70

Pacers & Racers $5,000.00
Palmyra Fire Dept $10,061.00
Papa Murphy’s $1,117.00
Parkway Rehab & Nursing Center $1,155.00
Payneville Fire Dept $21,000.78
Pewee Valley Fire Protection District $19,351.93
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $314,132.27
Pleasureville Fire Dept $7,702.64
Probilt Automotive $375.00
Radcliff Fire Dept $26,581.20

Ramsey Fire Dept $20,447.36
Raywick FD $3,735.41
Rhineyville Fire Dept $8,453.09
Rosie $1,325.00

Salem-Washington Township VFD $15,351.02
Sarah $836.29
Scottsburg Fire Department $8,595.67
Sellersburg Fire $18,061.28
Shelby County $59,315.98
Shelbyville Fire & Rescue $14,570.23
Shepherdsville FD $30,698.10
Shively Fire $14,875.21
Simpsonville Fire Dept $17,209.24
Sonora Fire Dept $1,710.02
Sons of American Legion 81 – Leitchfield $1,900.00
South Oldham Fire and Rescue $29,232.59
Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital & Frazier Rehab Institute $4,968.79
Sparkles and Spurs $1,431.22
Springfield FD $4,679.03
St Marks United Church of Christ $555.77
St. James Church $1,064.00
St. Matthews VFD $62,000.00
St. Stephen United Church of Christ $1,037.00
Stephensburg Fire Dept $5,031.01
Summersville Fire Dept. $3,729.00
Superior Van Mobility $5,900.00
Taylorsville/Spencer County Fire Dept $14,221.74

Texas Roadhouse $2,000.00
The Temple $4,397.00

University of Louisville $29,466.90
Upton Fire Dept $1,836.00
US Census Bureau $8,358.15
Utica Township VFD $7,067.01

Valley Creek Fire Dept $28,346.00
Vienna Township VFD $3,405.88
Vine Grove Fire Dept $12,823.63

Waddy Fire Dept $12,118.42
Wax Fire & Rescue $2,950.00
Webster Fire Dept $4,143.07
West 84 Fire Dept $2,750.00
West Point FD $5627.05
West Point Fire Dept./Ambulance $5,627.05
Westport Fire Dept $939.29
WHAS11 First Alert StormTeam Guaranteed Forecast $1,050.00
WHAS-TV $4,000.00
Whayne Supply $7,855.12
White Mills Fire Dept $3,893.80
Willisburg FD $2,420.38
Woodford County Fire Dept $5,589.00
Worthington Fire Department $24,000.00

Zoneton FD $86,420.78

Crusade Baby Calendar Winner

Emmalee Hettinger is the cover baby for the 2012-13 Crusade Baby Calendar. Her supporters raised the most money for the Crusade of all calendar baby entries. Congrats Emmalee!

Some photos from Crusade Sunday

Here are some photos from Crusade weekend

A Crusade mom writes a letter to the Louisville Courier-Journal June 2, 2012.

Give to Crusade

It is that time of year when the firefighters and volunteers are collecting money at the intersections. These great people work throughout the year raising funds for the special needs children of Kentuckiana. There is no other fundraiser in the country that raises this amount of money and 100 percent of your donations go to help these wonderful children. Times are financially challenging for all of us right now, but those of us with special children have many additional expenses. Special equipment and therapies are just some of the things the money is spent on. You cannot walk anywhere in a hospital and not see some piece of equipment for children that was funded by the Crusade for Children.

Thank you for all you have given in the past and give generously again this year. May this be the best year ever!

Louisville 40291

This editorial appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal on Friday June 1, 2012.

Support Crusade, kids with your donations

Though Kentuckiana often tops national lists for reasons we may not be proud of, we do beat the rest of the country with one amazing thing: the annual WHAS Crusade for Children, the most successful local telethon in America. Celebrating its 59th year this weekend, the Crusade has raised over $143 million since it was founded in 1954, much of which has gone to help kids in the Louisville area.

Last year, the Crusade raised over $5.3 million, which was donated directly to organizations serving children with special needs throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Donations from each county stay within that county, so residents are assured that their gift will directly benefit the children of their community.

This strong sense of community has been vital to the growth of the Crusade for Children, from a small event in the 1950s to the rousing success it is today. Grassroots collections have given the fund a major boost, allowing citizens from local businesses and beyond to offer support through events such as luncheons and auctions, even donating a portion of their profits.

This year, in a still-struggling economy, it’s more important than ever to give what we can to those who are most vulnerable: children. The Crusade gives 100 percent of donations to agencies, hospitals and schools that support children with special needs.

On Saturday and Sunday, firefighters — “the backbone of the Crusade,” said Dawn Lee, CEO and president of the Crusade — will be stationed at intersections throughout Kentucky and Indiana, boots held out for donations to the Crusade. These men and women raise nearly 60 percent of the donations each year through such road blocks and other charitable events. So dig into your car’s seat cushions and that pile of coffee change. Your contribution will help improve a child’s life.

You can also visit www.whascrusade.org or call (502) 582-7706 to donate.

“A lot of times donors just have a little bit of change. Last year we had over $37,000 just in pennies, so every bit makes a difference,” Ms. Lee said. “We love those dollar bills, but pennies can make a difference if we put them all together.”

Donations support organizations like the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies, which offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy for children with developmental delays and disabilities, The Courier-Journal reported on Tuesday. Thanks in part to a grant from the Crusade, the Kids Center created a simulated apartment in order to teach patients everyday skills, including laundry and cooking. They also purchased a DynaVox computer, which allows children without speech to communicate, giving them the voice to express themselves that other children take for granted.

“The children that are helped by the Crusade are certainly my heroes. That’s the great thing about this community — you won’t go very far before you bump into someone who has a Crusade story, or someone that they have close connections with has a Crusade story,” Ms. Lee said.

It is imperative for us to support the children of our communities who need it most. Whether it’s some spare change, a few dollars, or several hundred, give what you can to this charitable cause that truly makes a difference.

Events shine for Crusade

Bob Evans Crusade fundraiser June 1-3 and June 8-10

Click on the coupon above, print it and take it to your local Bob Evans!

Crusade Barnyard Dash June 9

You can register now! For more information and to register for the race, download the official entry form, just click here.

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