Rev. Brown retires from Crusade service

Rev. Brown retires from Crusade service

Rev. Jim Brown has decided to retire from Moral Side after some 30 years of dedicated service. He joined the panel in 1983 – Ronald Reagan was president, the Russian military shot down Korean Air Lines flight 007, Martha Layne Collins was elected governor and UK and UofL faced off in the NCAA tournament for the first ever dream game, all of which were topics for the Moral Side panel.

As a panelist, Rev. Brown and other members share responsibility of deciding where the money raised through the WHAS Crusade for Children is allocated. He has always been a champion of the small agencies and programs. Brown along with Sarah, his partner of 57 years, have made the Crusade family richer and more caring because of their efforts.

Thank you Rev. Brown for your dedication to our community, the Moral Side of the News and the WHAS Crusade for Children.

Photos from the Jim Brown retirement gathering

Rev. Brown retires01

Rev. Brown retires02

Rev. Brown retires04

Rev. Brown retires05

Rev. Brown retires06

Rev. Brown retires07

Rev. Brown retires08

Rev. Brown retires09

Rev. Brown retires10

Rev. Brown retires11

Rev. Brown retires12

Rev. Brown retires13

Rev. Brown retires14

Rev. Brown retires15

Rev. Brown retires16

Rev. Brown retires17

Rev. Brown retires18

Rev. Brown retires19

Rev. Brown retires20

Rev. Brown retires21

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