Crusade 61 logo unveiled

Crusade 61 logo unveiled

crusade 61 anim banner

crusade 61 logo full color

61st annual WHAS Crusade for Children is June 7-8, 2014

Today the WHAS Crusade for Children debuts its new graphic look for the 61st annual Crusade.

Lonnie Walker, a graphic artist and owner of Primo Graphics in Louisville said, “Every year we’ve added an element that depicts caring or we’ve tried to play up the anniversary.”

He presented the new 61st year logo to the charity’s President & CEO Dawn Lee. Lonnie says he wanted to bring a sports feel to the overall look.

He said, “An image that would translate well not only to pins, merchandise and staff shirts but kind of give them a team-building look once the logo gets out and used in a broader sense.”

This is the fourth year that Lonnie has created the Crusade’s yearly logo. in the weeks ahead, you’ll see the new logo on merchandise here on


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