JCPS & Crusade share a long relationship

JCPS & Crusade share a long relationship

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JCPS is one of the Crusade’s largest donor groups

Since 1970, Jefferson County Public Schools employees have donated $3,650,384.43 to the WHAS Crusade for Children!

This makes JCPS employees one of the largest donor groups to the Crusade year after year…most years in the top five of all groups and organizations.

Bus Road-E-O is just one of many annual fundraisers

Events like dress-down-days, cookouts, dances and the famous Bus Road-E-O have forged a culture of Crusade giving by JCPS employees over the decades.


In 2009, Rick Caple of JCPS on the scene of a rainy Bus Road-E-O that year, said, “Not the best of days but neither rain, sleet…it kind of goes with how the school year’s been. Rain, ice, snow, wind. Everybody’s in a good mood today. So we’re enjoying the day!”

It’s that kind of spirit that has bonded a long standing partnership between JCPS and the WHAS Crusade for Children.

JCPS student has a voice

Imagine having a child diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental delays. One JCPS family found help for their son at agencies receiving support from the Crusade.

2008 video highlights JCPS student talents

The “I Sing America” choir, a group of Jefferson County Public School students in Louisville, Kentucky, sings the WHAS Crusade for Children theme, “One Dream, One Heart.”

2012 video shows the spirit of Wilt Elementary School

On Valentines Day 2012, the children of Wilt Elementary in Louisville chose to show their big hearts by carrying on a caring tradition. Wilt students raised a total of $5,824.07. That brings their total to more than $92,000 to the Crusade since 1985. Thank you Wilt students and staff.

More about the WHAS Crusade for Children and JCPS

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  • • 100% of each donation to the WHAS Crusade for Children goes to help children with special needs, and the money stays right here in Kentucky and southern Indiana.
  • • The Crusade has provided Jefferson County Public Schools with over $9.2 million in grants since 1970 and empowered students with special needs to succeed.
  • • Crusade grants have provided essential tools for students in the JCPS Exceptional Childhood Education program, such as education aids, vision aids, sensory-motor equipment, assistive technology equipment, and adaptive furniture.
  • • Many of the items JCPS Exceptional Childhood Education requests from the Crusade could be purchased by donating $1-10 per paycheck during the JCPS Gives campaign.
  • • Since 1954 the Crusade has helped millions of children by granting more than $160 million to schools, hospitals & agencies that serve children with special needs.

JCPS Crusade grants total more than $9.2 million

Over the decades, the WHAS Crusade for Children has granted more than $9.2 million to Jefferson County Public Schools. Below is the complete list.


See all JCPS grants from the Crusade

You can download the complete list of all grants that Jefferson County Public Schools has received from the WHAS Crusade for Children over the years, just click here.

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