Grant Requirements

To Request a Grant Application:

WHAS Crusade for Children grants are made to non-profit agencies, schools and hospitals that help children with special needs up to age 18. The term “special needs” is defined as physical, mental, emotional and medical needs. Interested applicants should email a brief description of their organization and the purpose for their grant request to Grants Manager Janene Hickerson by clicking here or call (502) 582-7522.

Application Process & Timeline

  • Applications for FY 2024-25 will open on October 6, 2023 and close on January 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • New Applicants:  Access to online Grant Applications is by invitation only. To request an invitation, a non-profit agency, school or hospital should send an email or letter (email or letterhead should be sent/signed by the agency director or school superintendent) to the WHAS Crusade for Children at the address listed below.
  • Former Grant Recipients:  All agencies that received a grant this year are notified about applying for next year.
  • Winter/Spring:  Agencies that qualify are scheduled for a grant hearing with the Crusade Advisory Panel (listed below). Every agency requesting funds must meet with the panel to explain their grant needs and to answer questions.
  • June:  Final grant determinations are made after the Crusade telethon, which is the first full weekend in June.
  • July 1st (or earlier): Emails notifying agencies of grant awards sent.
  • Sept. 1 – Aug. 31:  Grant funds are expendable.

WHAS Crusade for Children Grant Requirements:

    • Grants are for direct services only.
    • No grants are made to individuals or families.
    • Grants are made for specific programs or equipment that provide direct benefit to special needs children and are not general operating grants.
    • No grants are made for administrative needs.
    • Agencies serving special needs children from Kentucky and southern Indiana are eligible to receive grants. The Crusade must have financial support from a county before grants can be made to a school, hospital or agency located in that county. Consideration is given to facilities that serve children from many counties.

The WHAS Crusade for Children does NOT pay for the following items:

    • Overhead costs, such as administrative positions, postage, copies, etc.
    • PR or public awareness campaigns
    • Benefits or any portion of employee benefits
    • Extended warranties or installation for equipment of any type
    • Taxes (the Crusade only funds tax exempt agencies who should only pay limited or no taxes)
    • Shipping or freight expenses
    • Employee continuing education/training or travel expenses/lodging
    • Personal items, such as food, t-shirts, costumes, etc.

Application support material
Applicants must provide the following support materials with their grant application:

  • Current IRS 990
  • Current independent audit
  • Current board member list
  • IRS determination letter
  • Current annual report

WHAS Crusade for Children
Grant Application
520 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202

You can also send an email:
Janene Hickerson
Grants Manager
To e-mail Janene, click here

For additional questions about the WHAS Crusade for Children grant process, please call Grants Manager Janene Hickerson at (502) 582-7522 or send an email by clicking here.