Recap of the 2015 WHAS Crusade for Children

The 62nd annual WHAS Crusade for Children internet/radio/telethon came to a close at 7:00pm Sunday, June 7, 2015. Here’s a recap of the groups, organizations and civic leaders that made it such a success!

The leaders

Nearly 60 percent of donations are collected by about 200 fire departments in Kentucky and Indiana.

Like last year, the fire department leading the way was Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP) Fire District with $294,246.87. PRP was the one that started fire department involvement with the Crusade in 1956 when Chief Ernie Bohler brought $400 on the Memorial Auditorium stage in Louisville and challenged all fire departments to get involved.

The top Indiana fire department was Lafayette Township Fire Department with $104,897.44.

Also repeating from last year, the Archdiocese of Louisville led all non-fire organizations with a total of $290,427 in contributions. That brought their cumulative donations over the years to the WHAS Crusade for Children to $7 million.

Top Five Kentucky Fire Departments

Pleasure Ridge Park Fire District $294,246.87
Fern Creek Fire Department $137,956.26
Highview Fire District $130,159.59
McMahan Fire Protection District $126,114.00
Zoneton Fire Protection District $87,029.37

Top Five Indiana Fire Departments

Lafayette Township Fire Department $104,897.44
Charlestown Fire Department $47,000.00
Greenville Fire Department $36,730.10
Clarksville Fire Department $34,127.54
Georgetown Township Volunteer Fire Department $29,146.86

Top Five Organizations

Archdiocese of Louisville $290,247
LG&E KU PPL Companies $195,004
Kosair Charities $150,000
Louisville Triple Crown of Running $134,350
Norton Healthcare $130,568

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Who gave how much in 2015? It’s all listed here

Here is an alphabetized list of fire departments, groups and organizations that appeared on the 62nd WHAS Crusade for Children.

American Legion Shawnee Post 193 $2,969.52
AMVETS Post 61 $4,200.00
Anchorage Fire & EMS $9,588.58
Anderson County Fire Department $12,362.00
Angelica’s Charity Bracelets $325.00
Anneta Volunteer Fire & Rescue $2,239.74
Archdiocese of Louisville $290,427.00

Baby Calendar Participants, (Anthony Trabue-winner) $14,407.13
Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department $18,185.83
Ballardsville Fire & Rescue $21,210.00
Baptist Health $21,000.00
Bardstown – Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department $23,200.00
Bardstown Fire Department (the Sonnes) $13,758.00
Bedford Volunteer Fire Department $10,020.00
Bonnieville Volunteer Fire Department $10,974.06
Boone Township Volunteer Fire Department $4,429.89
Borden/Wood Township Volunteer Fire Department $3,947.01
Boston Fire Department $10,602.04
Boy Scouts 262 $1,244.54
Bradfordsville Fire Department $4,281.00
Breeding Volunteer Fire Department $1,286.55
Buechel Fire Protection District $33,607.26

Camp Taylor Fire Dept. $34,337.91
Campbellsville/Taylor County Fire Departments $20,689.85
Campellsburg Fire & Rescue $9,365.20
Carrollton Fire Dept. $11,000.00
Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department $47,000.00
Chillers $1,000.00
Clarkson Fire Department $5,150.48
Clarksville Fire Department $34,127.54
Columbia – Adair County Volunteer Department $36,388.61
Crusade Ambassadors $2,849.00
Crusade Money Carriers (Danny Spade) $815.00

Don Copler Family $7,500.00
Dreams with Wings $325.00

East 60 Volunteer Fire Department $12,925.53
East Grayson County Volunteer Fire Department $1,735.00
Eastwood Fire Protection District $18,251.02
eBay Enterprise Give Team $6,227.57
Ekron Volunteer Fire Department $8,335.40
Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department $23,159.13
Elizabethtown Fire & Rescue $17,578.02
Eminence Fire & Rescue $27,672.12

Fairdale Fire Department $29,591.16
Flaherty Volunteer Fire Department $20,405.52
Fern Creek Fire Department $137,956.26

Georgetown Township Volunteer Fire Department $29,136.86
Glendale Fire Department $21,666.03
Gravel Switch Volunteer Fire Department $490.47
Greater Clark County Schools $29,050.50
Greensburg – Green Co Volunteer Fire Department $14,839.93
Greenville Fire Department $36,730.10

Hardinsburg Fire Department $14,000.00
Harned Fire & Rescue $21,513.13
Harrison Township / Corydon Volunteer Fire Department $15,574.83
Harrods Creek Fire Department $17,007.85
Hazelwood Center $751.69
Heth Township Volunteer Fire Department $6,085.44
Highview Fire Department $130,159.59
Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Department $14,200.00

Iron Eagles – Harrison County, Heroes on Wheels $910.00
Iron Eagles Riding Group $550.00
Irvington Volunteer Fire Department $8,900.00

Jefferson County Public Schools $102,007.54
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office $2,175.00
Jeffersontown Fire Protection District $29,202.56
Jeffersonville Fire Department $25,584.13
Jennings Township Volunteer Fire Department $15,000.00
Joe Federle Golf Auction $1,118.50

Kelly Knoop $5,149.00
Kentuckiana Corvette Club & Moose Lodge 5 $11,589.50
Kentucky 86 Fire & Rescue $12,151.91
Kosair Charities $150,000.00
Kroger $15,500.00

Lafayette Township Volunteer Fire Department $104,897.44
LaGrange Fire & Rescue $35,458.96
Lake Dreamland Volunteer Fire Department $53,607.67
Lake Jericho Fire & Rescue $6,867.21
Lanesville Volunteer Fire Department $15,295.98
Larue County Fire Departments $5,841.30
Leavenworth Crusaders $3,550.04
Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department $32,438.00
Lebanon Junction Fire Dept. $7,448.83
Leitchfield Fire Dept. $12,576.00
LG&E KU PPL Companies $195,004.00
Loretto Volunteer Fire Department $3,502.86
Lorne Ballard $13,617.00
Louisville Fire Department $38,144.69
Louisville Low Riders $805.87
Louisville Rowing Club – Adaptive Rowing $1,000.00
Louisville Street Rods $3,051.00
Lyndon Fire Department $17,757.36

McAlister’s Deli $62,508.13
McDaniels Fire & Rescue $5,739.04
McMahan Fire Protection District $126,114.00
Meade County Fire & Rescue $19,060.76
Middletown Fire Department $64,000.00
Milltown Fire Department $15,920.37
Miracle Dancers $14,205.00
Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Department $28,683.47
Mt Washington Fire Department $21,506.06
Mt. Eden Volunteer Fire Department $11,856.78

Nelson County Schools $12,674.00
New Albany Fire Department $20,020.00
New Castle Volunteer Fire & Rescue $14,215.00
New Chapel Volunteer Fire Company $5,239.26
New Haven Fire Department $10,503.16
New Hope Volunteer Fire Department $2,735.00
New Middletown Volunteer Fire Department $7,415.75
New Washington Volunteer Fire Department $25,957.23
Nichols Volunteer Fire Department $11,235.79
North Oldham Fire Department $19,575.00 (Called in)
Northeast Nelson Fire Department $13,418.42
Norton Healthcare $130,568.14

Okolona Volunteer Fire Department $55,701.77
Oldham County 4-H Dog Club $142.20

Pacers & Racers $6,500.00
Palmyra Fire Department $9,872.16
Parkway Rehab & Nursing Center $1,460.00
Payneville Fire Department $21,881.31
Pewee Valley Fire Protection District $23,468.22
Pierce Polk Township Volunteer Fire Department $6,498.50
Pleasureville Volunteer Fire Department $12,010.56
Probilt Automotive $415.90
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $294,246.87

Radcliff Fire Department $26,256.35
Ramsey Volunteer Fire & EMS $19,880.27
Raywick Volunteer Fire Department $4,007.44
Republic Bank $7,500.00
Rineyville Fire Dept. $7,855.00
Rosie Nuss (in memory of her son) $1,200.00

Salem-Washington Fire Dept. $10,608.83
Scottsburg Fire Department $8,389.74
Sellersburg Fire Department $23,000.00
Shelby County Fire Dept. $69,063.53
Shelbyville Fire Dept. $11,152.44
Shepherdsville Fire & Rescue $30,868.08
Shively Fire Dept. $16,907.60
Simpsonville VFP $19,083.13
Sonora Fire & Rescue $12,232.32
South Oldham Fire & Rescue $47,465.78
Southeast Bullitt Volunteer Fire & Rescue $16,085.39
Southern Indiana Rehab & Frazier Rehab Institute $1,496.00
Sparkles & Spurs $1,479.63
St. Marks United Church of Christ $1,490.60
St. Matthews Fire Protection District $59,000.00
St. James Church $547.00
Stephensburg Volunteer Fire Department $6,762.00
Summersville Fire Department $4,113.27
Superior Van & Mobility $6,200.00

Taylorsville / Spencer County Volunteer Fire Department $24,806.69
Team Brandon $870.00
Ted Throckmorton Golf Tournament $16,762.00
Texas Roadhouse $2,000.00
The Temple $4,201.18
Triple Crown of Running $134,350.00

University of Louisville $50,000.00
Upton Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department $3,172.15
US Census Bureau $11,278.71
Utica Township Volunteer Fire Department $11,127.16

Valley Creek Fire Dept. $36,600.00
Vienna Volunteer Fire Department $1,412.55
Vine Grove Fire Department $7,767.10
VIPS (Visually Impaired Preschool Services) $1,700.07

Waddy Volunteer Fire Department $12,340.49
Washington County Volunteer Fire Department $5,671.59
Wax Volunteer Fire Department $3,915.07
Webster Area Volunteer Fire Department $4,000.00
West 84 Volunteer Fire Department $3,184.00
West Point Fire Department/Ambulance $6,008.74
Westport Volunteer Fire Department $2,158.62
WHAS11 Tour Kentuckiana Golf Card Representatives $4,910.00
WHAS-TV $15,000.00
White Mills Volunteer Fire Department $5,416.97
Willisburg Volunteer Fire Department $3,115.53
Wolf Creek Fire Department $1,373.82

Zoneton Fire Protection District $87,029.37

In-kind Donations

Many companies and organizations donate goods and services every year to the WHAS Crusade for Children. Please support them because they are so generous to the Crusade!

Allegra Print and Imaging
Best Stamp
Bootleg BBQ
Charles Heitzman Bakery
Clarksdale TV
Class Print Solutions
Clifford Distributing
Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
Dairy Queen in Middletown
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Fischer Packing Company
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
Jim & Joe’s Ice Company
Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant
John Conti Coffee
John Trompeter Company
Kentucky Center for the Arts
Kingsley Meats
Krispy Kreme
Kramer Consulting-Jim Kramer
Louisville Metro Traffic Division
Mark’s Feed Store
Mom’s Music
Mother’s Cookies
Mr. C’s Refrigeration
N.E.S. Equipment Rentals
Nick Bonura Photography
Papa John’s International
Paradyme Marketing
Plehn’s Bakery
Primo Graphics
Publisher’s Press
Republic Bank
Rite Way Equipment
Sam’s Club
Sara Lee Bakery Group
System Parking
Target – Springhurst
The Catering Company
Thrifty Truck Rental
Titan Design Solutions
Tri-City Van and Storage
Webb’s Market
Yellow Cab