Recap of the 2018 WHAS Crusade for Children


Many gather to sing “God Bless America” at the close of the 65th WHAS Crusade for Children on Sunday, June 3.

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Swope Family Foundation donation pushes total to $5,675,000

Pictured left to right are Crusade staff members Heather Benson, Dawn Lee, Sharon Miller, Deandra Jackson, 840WHAS Radio’s Terry Meiners, Marlys Swope, Crusade staff members John Blim, Janene Hickerson, Joan Cooper, volunteer Kathleen Blim and staff member Patti Eppinghoff.

The WHAS Crusade for Children is thrilled to announce a generous gift from Marlys Swope & the Swope Family Foundation that pushes this year’s total to $5,675,000. The offering honors the memory of Sam Swope, one of Louisville’s great philanthropists. Marlys presented the donation at the Crusade office Wednesday, June 6.

Prior to that donation, the people of Kentucky and Indiana came together and dug deep for the 65th annual WHAS Crusade for Children. Donations poured in and tallied $5,638,823.12 as America’s most successful local telethon came to a close on Sunday night.

Now last year’s total has been topped by $175,000.

Top 10 Organizations

Archdiocese of Louisville $308,000
LG&E KU PPL Companies $229,240
Norton Healthcare $133,305.78
McAlister’s Deli $110,036.14
Jefferson County Public Schools $108,202.53
Kosair Charities $100,000
Cross Country Distributing $81,198
Swope Family Foundation $36,177
Baptist Health Unified Campaign $34,159
Greater Clark Schools $29,953

Top 10 Kentucky Fire Departments

McMahan Fire Protection District $193,509.68
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $189,307.09
Fern Creek Fire Department $120,944.51
Zoneton Fire Protection District $88,616.97
Highview Fire Protection District $86,612.31
Shelby County Fire & Rescue $83,980.70
Columbia – Adair County Fire Department $56,470.39
Okolona Fire Protection District $54,401
St. Matthews Fire Protection District $52,812.82
South Oldham Fire & Rescue $51,023.19

Top 10 Indiana Fire Departments

Lafayette Township Fire Department $111,838.00
Charlestown Fire Department $62,000
Monroe Township Fire Department $41,614.82
New Albany Fire Department & Harvest Homecoming $33,626.61
Georgetown Township Fire Department $30,464.00
Clarksville Fire Department $30,254.78
Jeffersonville Fire Dept $28,600.49
Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department $24,668.07
New Washington Volunteer Fire Department $23,902.00
Harrison Township VFD – Corydon VFD $23,428.46

New records by organizations contribute to another successful Crusade

The 30-hour Internet/radio/telethon was highlighted by a variety show, featuring the Misty Mountain String Band, hosted by WHAS11’s Rachel Platt and 840 WHAS radio’s Terry Meiners on Saturday, June 2. It concluded with Crusade volunteers crowding into WHAS-TV’s historic studio H (50 years old this year) singing the traditional “God Bless America” just before 7:00pm (EDT) Sunday, June 3, 2018.

“This was a special year. This community came together to make the 65th year very special in helping children with special needs,” said WHAS Crusade for Children President & CEO Dawn Lee following the telethon.

100 percent of $5,675,000 for the kids
In its first 65 years, the Crusade has raised more than $180 million for children with special needs. One hundred percent of all donations raised Crusade weekend are returned in the form of grants to agencies, schools and hospitals that make life better for children with special needs in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

It takes a cast of thousands to stage the annual miracle. From individual donors dropping pocket change into boots at firefighter road blocks to children with lemonade stands to corporations offering payroll deduction, it all comes together each year on the first weekend in June.

New records for all three category leaders!
Nearly 60 percent of donations are collected by about 200 fire departments in Kentucky and Indiana. McMahan Fire Protection District made its final appearance on the Crusade as it will merge into Jeffersontown Fire Protection District later this year. McMahan totalled $193,509.68, a record for the district, and was best among all fire departments.

Like last year, the top Indiana fire department was Lafayette Township Fire Department with $111,838. Lafayette’s total was also a record for that department.

Also repeating from last year, the Archdiocese of Louisville as the top organization with a total of $308,000 in contributions. Also a record.

Broadcasting partners come together
The annual Crusade Internet/radio/telethon kicked off at 1:00pm (EDT) on Saturday, June 2 and aired in its entirety on the booming clear channel signal of WHAS Radio (AM 840 – heard in 38 states at night!), WHAS-TV (Channel 11.1) and worldwide on

In addition, WBNA-TV 21.1 in Louisville aired live broadcasts 12:30pm to 6:30pm Sunday, June 3 from the Kentucky cities of Elizabethtown, Shelbyville and Bardstown. WBKO-TV in Bowling Green aired remote telecasts from Campbellsville on Saturday and Leitchfield on Sunday.

Television Network
WHAS-TV, Louisville (flagship station)
WBNA-TV, Louisville
WBKO-TV, Bowling Green

The WHAS Crusade for Children’s flagship radio station for 65 years, 840 WHAS carried the broadcast continuously.

Radio Network
WHAS, Louisville (flagship station) provided LIVE video streaming of the entire broadcast visible anywhere in the world. also simulcast the Crusade weekend program on YouTube and Facebook Live. On, updates were posted all weekend long and donors across the globe made secure online donations.

Internet Network

You can also donate securely online any time by clicking here.

About the WHAS Crusade for Children
The WHAS Crusade for Children, established by WHAS-TV in 1954, raises money for schools, agencies and hospitals that make life better for children with special needs. In its first 65 years, the Crusade has raised more than $180 million. Thanks to generous contributions of goods and services, the Crusade returns 100% of all donations to organizations in all 120 Kentucky counties and more than 50 southern Indiana counties. Fire departments raise nearly 60 percent of the money each year by staging road blocks and other events.

Millions of children have been helped by the Crusade since 1954. The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

Who gave how much? It’s listed here

Here is an alphabetical list of fire departments, groups and organizations that appeared on the 65th WHAS Crusade for Children.

Amvets Post 61 $3,000.00
Anchorage – Middletown Fire Protection $28,840.52
Anchorage Public Schools Car Pool Line collection $526.27
Anneta Volunteer Fire Department $4,049.00
Archdiocese of Louisville $308,000.00

Baby Calendar Winner: Grayson Shumate $5,113.00
Bagdad Fire Department $12,099.61
Ballardsville Fire and Rescue $13,779.74
Baptist Health Unified Campaign $34,159
Bardstown Fire Department $14,727.92
Bedford Volunteer Fire & Rescue $8,878.17
Bill Newkirk $2,115.15
Bob Pilkington’s Family $1,290.00
Bonnieville Fire Department $11,866.70
Bonnieville Fire Department Quilt Raffle Winner – Kathy Piper
Boone Township Volunteer Fire Department $5,936.98
Borden/Wood Township FD $5,211.85
Boston Volunteer Fire & Rescue $4,728.42
Bradfordsville Volunteer Fire Department $4,606.73
Breeding Fire Dept. $2,400
Buddy Award Recipient – 2018 Leadership Louisville Ignite Team
Buechel Fire Protection District $33,524.24

Camp Taylor Fire Department (see Lake Dreamland Fire Department listing)
Campbellsburg Fire & Rescue $15,235.30
Campbellsville/Taylor County Fire Department $28,474.78
Carollton Fire Department $10,549.35
Central Hardin Fire Department $1,573.00
Charlestown Fire Department $62,000
Chillers & Zesto Ice Cream Crusade Cookie Vortex promotion $2,547
Clarkson Fire Department $4,626.68
Clarksville Fire Department $30,254.78
Cloverport Fire Department $1,698.14
Columbia – Adair County Fire Department $56,470.39
Cross Country Distributing $81,198.00

East 60 Volunteer Fire Department $12,768.35
East Grayson Fire Department $9,723.75
Eastwood Fire Protection District $18,167.80
Ekron Volunteer Fire Department $8,310.00
Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department $24,668.07
Elizabethtown Fire Department $23,443.08
Eminence Fire & Rescue $13,430.43

Fairdale Fire Department $27,005.32
Fern Creek Fire Protection District $120,944.51
Flaherty Volunteer Fire Department $18,718.45

Georgetown Township VFD $30,464.00
Girl Scout Troop 1601 & 928 $100.00
Glendale Fire Department $6,782.35
Greater Clark County Schools $29,953.00
Greater Louisville Rowing Club – Adaptive Rowing $1,250
Green County Fire & Rescue $15,175.44
Greenville Township Fire Department $16,082.39

Hanover Fire Department $1,641.55
Hardinsburg City Volunteer Fire Department $23,408.86
Harned Fire and Rescue $29,513.13
Harrison Township VFD – Corydon VFD $23,428.46
Harrods Creek Fire Department $8,780.85
Hazelwood Center (Paul Hall) $788
Heth Township Volunteer Fire Department $7,604.64
Highview Fire Department $86,612.31

Irvington Volunteer Fire Department $4,638.09

Jackie & Sarah $1,000.00
Jefferson County Public Schools $108,202.53
Jeffersontown Fire Protection District $20,409.37
Jeffersonville Fire Dept $28,600.49
Jennings Township VFD $11,629.08

Kelly Knoop and family $7,078.02
Kentuckiana Corvette Club & Moose Lodge 5 $12,572.22
Kentucky 86 Fire & Rescue $13,861.71
Kevin Adams (with Buechel Fire Protection District) $11,263.82
Knifley Area Volunteer Fire Department $826.30
Kosair Charities $100,000

Lafayette Township Fire Department $111,838.00
LaGrange Fire & Rescue $32,031.12
Lake Dreamland, Camp Taylor & Okolona Fire Departments (combined) $135,969.51
Lake Jericho Fire & Rescue $1,575.95
Lanesville VFD $17,583.49
Leavenworth Crusaders $4,332.00
Lebanon Fire District $36,003.00
Lebanon Junction Fire Department $2,669.00
Leitchfield Fire Department $14,217.49
Lemonade Stand (Addie Miller) $372.97
Lemonade Stand (Addyson Clarkson) $348.00
Lemonade Stand (Bardstown Primary School – Beth and Emme Payne) $800
Lemonade Stand (Christopher Early) $809.87
Lemonade Stand (Dylan Payne & Adam Harris) $323.44
Lemonade Stand (Eliza, Marley, & Jett Smith) $361.30
Lemonade Stand (Emma & Noah Taylor) $125.05
Lemonade Stand (Home of the Innocence) $531
Lemonade Stand (Mark and Family) $654.79
Lemonade Stand (Najaie & Selea) $447
Lemonade Stand (Nia’s Lemonade Café) $440
Lemonade Stand (Sam, Max, & Zach) $575.01
Lemonade Stand (Viviana & Evangeline) $176.75
Lexington Volunteer Fire Department $2,906.98
LG&E KU PPL Companies $229,240
Loretto Volunteer Fire Department $8,806.06
Lorne Ballard $19,402.00
Louisville Fire & Rescue $21,956.60
Louisville Low Riders $1,397.00
Louisville Street Rods $5,361.00
Louisville Triple Crown of Running $38,990
Lyndon Fire Protection District $35,295.25

McAlister’s Deli $110,036.14
McDaniels Fire and Rescue $6,418.81
McMahan Fire Protection District $193,509.68
Meade County Fire & Rescue $8,980.00
Milltown Volunteer Fire Department $11,097.22
Miracle Dancers $8,600.00
Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Department $41,614.82
Mt. Eden VFD $13,182.00
Mt. Washington Fire Department $23,425.00
Muldraugh Fire Department $6,275.38

Nelson County Fire & Rescue $12,791.81
New Albany Fire Department & Harvest Homecoming $33,626.61
New Castle Volunteer Fire & Rescue $11,830.82
New Chapel Volunteer Fire Department $6,103.37
New Haven/ Rolling Fork Fire Department $10,241.15
New Hope Volunteer Fire Department $1,866.29
New Middletown Fire Department $8,723.20
New Washington Volunteer Fire Department $23,902.00
Nichols Volunteer Fire Department $12,440.08
Northeast Nelson Fire Department $15,935.97
Norton Healthcare $133,305.78

Okolona Fire Department (see Lake Dreamland Fire Department listing)
Okolona Fire Department $2500 Milwaukee Power Tool Raffle winner – Joe Hamilton

Pacers & Racers Barnyard Dash $8,000.00
Palmyra Fire Department $9,855.39
Payneville Fire Department $17,200.27
Pewee Valley Fire Protection District $21,317.00
Pierce Polk Volunteer Fire Department $7,287.28
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $189,307.09
Pleasureville Volunteer Fire Department $10,525.18
Probilt Automotive $500

Radcliff Fire Department $21,783.04
Radial $2,039.46
Ramsey Volunteer Fire & EMS $13,321.73
Raywick Volunteer Fire Department $4,202.89
Republic Bank $10,000
Rineyville Fire Department $16,360.00

Saint James Church $961.00
Salem Fire Department $7,800
Sellersburg Fire Department $17,500.00
Shelby County Fire & Rescue $83,980.70
Shelbyville Fire Department $21,400.00
Shepherdsville Fire Department $22,622.48
Shively Fire Department $18,935.55
Simpsonville Volunteer Fire Department $15,788.35
Sonora Fire & Rescue $10,300.03
South Oldham Fire & Rescue $51,023.19
Southeast Bullitt Volunteer Fire & Rescue $15,626.62
Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital & Frazier Rehab Institute $2,412.86
Sparkles & Spurs $1,794.25
Springfield – Washington County Fire Department $6,000.00
St. Athanasius Beta Club $1,160.68
St. Mark’s United Church of Christ $832.20
St. Matthews Fire Protection District $52,812.82
Stephensburg Volunteer Fire Department $4,467.15
Summersville Fire Dept. $6,200.93
Superior Van & Mobility $6,500.00
Swope Family Foundation $36,177

Taylorsville – Spencer County VFD $26,600.00
Ted Throckmorton Memorial Golf Tournament $17,865.00
Texas Roadhouse $1,000.00
The Temple $3,928.88

University of Louisville $6,500
Upton Volunteer Fire & Rescue $1,123.00
Utica Township Fire Department $10,468.10

Valley Creek Fire Department $15,000.00
Vine Grove Fire Department $13,773.10
VIPS (Visually Impaired Preschool Services) $1,150

Waddy Volunteer Fire Department $14,911.24
Wax Fire & Rescue $2,121.41
Webster Area Volunteer Fire Department $3,371.84
West 84 Volunteer Fire Department $5,000.00
Westpoint Fire Dept./Ambulance $3,030.64
Westport Fire Department $3,470.05
WHAS Crusade for Children Endowment $300,000
White Mills Volunteer Fire Department $3,718.00
Willisburg Fire Department $3,646.27
Woodford County FD $6,272.00
Worthington Fire Department $10,857.00

Zach Meiman – Holy Cross Student Senior Project $1,940.70
Zoneton Fire Protection District $88,616.97