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The WHAS Crusade for Children staff is supported by a board of directors, an advisory panel, Kentucky & Indiana fire departments, companies, hundreds of places of worship, civic groups, employee clubs, children with lemonade stands, payroll deduction withholdings and thousands of individual donors.

Our mailing address:

WHAS Crusade for Children
520 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202
502.582.7706 Phone
502.582.7712 Fax

Meet the WHAS Crusade for Children staff:

Heather Benson
Director of Philanthropy
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Phil Dunaway
Program Director/Media Producer
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Patti Eppinghoff
Administrative Assistant
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Janene Hickerson
Grants Manager
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Deandra Jackson
Marketing Director
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Shawn Kaelin
Vice President Donor Relations
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Dawn Lee
President & CEO
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Kelli Logsdon
Program Coordinator
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Angelica Wilson
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