Wilson Middle students help Crusade

Wilson Middle students help Crusade


KUNA students make it happen

The sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from David T. Wilson and Stuart Pepper Middle School participated in the YMCA program, Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA),  on March 26-28. The program allows students to research other countries and learn about global issues that affect the world.  Students create and write proposals based on their countries problems and try to find solutions to help their country.  The junior division of KUNA focused on the countries Malta and the Philippines this year. KUNA delegates are also asked to participate in a service project to help raise money for different charities. 

Free dress day raises donations

The 6th grade KUNA delegates at David T Wilson wanted to do something special because we knew the money would go for a great cause so they choose to raise money for the Crusade for Children.  Students at DTW have to wear uniforms because of the schools dress code.  We knew that everyone loved free dress day, so we decided that if a student brought in any amount of money, than they could have free dress day.  We did not ask for a specific amount, the only requirement was to give something.

This fund raiser was a great success. In one day on Thursday, March 26, 2009, our delegates raised $498.50. All the money collected will go to the WHAS Crusade for Children Charity in hope that we may improve the lives of special needs children throughout Kentucky. The donations were collected with the intent to show the world how important it is for everyone to find a cause and to support it. Our delegates collected this money, by receiving donations from students and staff members of DTW, ranging from a penny to a twenty dollar bill; this supports our idea that just a little bit of money and a lot of heart can help out the children our world.

Written by:  John Wilson and K.U.N.A. delegates at David T. Wilson Elementary

You can help the Crusade!

Attend one of the many events to benefit the Crusade, just click here.


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